The top player of 2k23 mt the New Year gift packageLuka Doncic with a SG/SF Galaxy Opal - 97 OVRZion Williamson (PF/C) - Galaxy Opal - 97 OVRDwyane Wade - SG/PG Pink Diamond - 95 OVRShaquille O'Neal C - Pink Diamond - 95 OVRIn this new package players are able to upgrade, while the diamond players are upgraded into pink diamonds meaning they're a huge potential and value. This is due to the fact that these players have room for advancement that they will become the most sought-after. The package is also more expensive. The prices for players at the auction house are not too low. If you want to get them, please prepare enough NBA 2K23 MT.Some player auction pricesLuka Doncic-SG/SF-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-300K MTZion Williamson-PF/C-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-175K MTDwyane Wade-SG/PG-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-115K MTShaquille O'Neal-C-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-100K MTIf a particular player is not suitable for your team, you can send them to the auction at any time and earn some MT.Follow NBA2king.COM to get more locker code information.


If you've participated in Hoopsmas promotions throughout the holiday season You may have been able to redeem Hoopsmas gift packs on a daily basis. But, some people do not know what a gift card is capable of or how they can use the gift card to earn the most value reward.Hoopsmas is about collecting present event cards and converting them into other rewards. If you are able to get consumables you can put three of them to create one Present Event Card, which you can use per day. The most important question is where can the cards be used?


For clarification it is first necessary to determine which products the gift card is able to redeem. According to the rules of the event the gift card may be exchanged for Diamond Consumable as well as Signature Series III Pack Series 1 Pack 50 tokens, and Series 1 Pack. From these options, you need to determine the most valuable contribution for you.Each reward has been included in MyTEAM however some rewards are much less valuable than others. One should take care not to miss on a cash exchange opportunity.The best option to use the Present Event Card is the complimentary Signature Series III package, which contains three pink diamond players Kobe-Bryant-Pink-Diamond-96 OVR/SG/ Magic Johnson-Pink Diamond-95OVR- OVR-PG/SG, and Steve NASH-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-PG/SG.These three pink diamond players are a great help to the team. However, you could also send the additional players to the auction house in exchange for NBA 2K23 MTS if you already have these players.


NBA 2K23 keeps MyTEAM alive in the season of Christmas. In the most current version of the holiday season, 2K released some extremely powerful cards for players. cards.NBA 2K23 releases new Super PackSince the launch of The game NBA 2K23 MyTEAM is launched new content on a regular basis and, since then it has introduced a number of fantastic cards.In the past two months 2K is launching a number of entertaining promotional videos and card series within MyTEAM. The best of these packages is that of NBA 75 version.For people who want to purchase the gift pack at the retail store it isn't any time to get this, since this gift pack expires on December 2k23 mt buy 31. 2021.